Karatzis S.A. is the leading manufacturer of crop packaging products. With the state-of the-art manufacturing facilities, our specialized range has been designed to insure farmers and contractors value in return and 110% baling performance.

More than anything else, the best forage utilisation results from effective planning and attention to detail in every aspect of management – from flexible pasture allocations and extended grazing seasons to first class winter forage conservation, storage and feeding.

Our industry leading bale netwrap, silage film and baler twine for round and square balers has been developed to suit the whole range of round and square balers and encompass the full range required by agricultural business.

Stopping birds from making holes in the sheet or bale stacks can be best ensured by using our Silage net Cover over the top.

From harvest to feed there are some things you can do to protect your silage and forage. We care to provide cutting edge solutions for it.



The cut-edge complete solution for
a trouble-free forage packaging.